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  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

Our tutors have been working hard with their students to help them complete their homework and to prepare them for their tests & quizzes. We hired a handful of new tutors for Fall session. Our return tutors are managing their classrooms like pros and our newest staff members have all passed their probationary period. It’s important to be able to provide jobs for our high school students to learn workforce skills. Our staff, students, and parents had a great time at our Golf ‘N Stuff field trip. We would like to thank, Jane and Liz, for coordinating for LHTP presentation by Zoom during the ACCSC Women's retreat and for the donation from their auction fundraiser!!

Our JYC & YUCA members are heading into their busiest season for community service, social, college tours, and advocacy events. YUCA members had their annual Beach Clean up & Mixer. It’s one of the most memorable events for our youth club members. We had a day full of fun relay games, obstacle course, and free time. Members enjoyed burgers, chips & drinks, and dipping their feet into the ocean. We had one brave student who went swimming. Lastly, there was a clean up contest for the most volume and the heaviest trash collected. Our “Increase the Peace” Committee & Support Team will be hosting their 16th annual Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Clean up, in November. “IP” leaders look forward to bringing our community agencies, schools, churches, and our local businesses together.

Upcoming will be the Giving Tuesday Campaign on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2023 for LHTP!!

  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

During the summer months, our JYC & YUCA youth clubs met regularly every Friday. They had summer trivia, mixer games, and luau themed competitions with prizes, along with food and drinks. Our youth club members were able to volunteer for the Lotus Festival, in Echo Park. It was a super hot weekend, but we had fun with the childrens arts and crafts booths, performance stage, selling water, and the traditional Dragon Boat race. Our “Increase the Peace” Youth Advocacy team was able to bring back their Boyle Heights Clean up event after their last time of hosting the event in 2019 due to the Pandemic. It was a good event to help beautify our neighboring city streets. We were able to take all of our YUCA, “Increase the Peace”, and JYC youth leadership teams to their separate training retreats before school started. First, we went to Yosemite, then Big Bear, and finally Solvang. It was an amazing experience for our YUCA leaders to go hiking and sightseeing in Yosemite, “IP leaders to kayak in Big Bear Lake, and JYC to go swimming in the pool and feed the ostriches in Solvang. Our training retreats are an important time for the youth leaders to bond with one another, as they spent time planning and budget workshops, engaged in public speaking trainings, team building exercises, cooking, and recreation together. All of our youth leaders are united, equipped, and ready to lead their peers with their full calendar of events. LHTP hosted our 2nd Annual “Back to School” Carnival event. We give a “Big Thanks” to First Chinese Baptist Church who were the main sponsor of our event and Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez, CD1 donated groceries. We were excited to partner with our three youth leadership teams, Citizens Church, and Firecracker Race friends who volunteered to help with the registration and enrollment of new students, mini carnival games and prizes, and backpack giveaway filled with school supplies for the kids, Dino’s burgers for lunch, and bags of groceries filled with fresh produce, milk, and eggs to “Kick Off” and help our families get ready for the NEW School Year!!

  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

April - June, 2023

LHTP had a fantastic 2022-2023 school year!!! Thank you to all of our Board of Directors, Foundations, Churches, Businesses, Individuals, and Financial supporters. Your partnership is crucial for LHTP to provide the highest quality of programs and services !!! All of our tutoring students excelled in their homework assignments, showed improved test scores, and passed their grade level. We were excited to be able to take our tutoring staff, students, parents, and volunteers on two field trips this year to the California Science Center and the Kite Festival at the Historic State Park. Our youth clubs participated in community service, social, advocacy, and inter agency events, completing hundreds of service hours. We were able to take our JYC & YUCA youth club members to visit three UC college campuses. Our “Increase the Peace” youth advocacy planning committee hosted two of their community events promoting “Bringing Unity to Our Community”. The generous donation from ACCSC allowed us to award scholarships to nine seniors from our youth leadership program. We are proud to know that 83 Asian & Hispanic of our youth club members graduated from high school. Our Seniors have been accepted to various UC campuses, CAL State Universities, Community Colleges, USC, & Yale for Fall enrollment. For Summer session we will have our youth leadership training retreats, youth club meetings and events, YUCA dance team practices, and our “Increase the Peace” clean up.

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