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Making sure our kids don't fall behind goes beyond the classroom. Youth programs ensure our teens have a safe community to build relationships, develop character, give back to their community, and prepare for life after high school. To do this, we provide a different opportunities through our different youth programs.

  • Community service and volunteering opportunities

  • College tours and college preparation

  • Social events in a safe environment of peers

  • Leadership opportunities to plan and organize

Youth United for Community Action (YUCA)

YUCA creates a community among teens across high schools in the East LA community. YUCA helps guide development of our high school youth and into college and beyond.

  • Available to grades 9th to 12th

Junior Youth Club (JYC)

JYC introduces children into our youth programs, and provides continuous mentorship through high school. We provide social and developmental activities to engage them with their community.

  • Available to grades 6th to 12th

Increase the Peace (IP)

In the spirit of "Bringing Unity to Our Community", Increase the Peace is a unique opportunity for youth to engage across the community. An advocacy Committee plans an implements community engagement opportunities throughout the year including:

  • Community Clean Up Events

  • Community Volleyball Tournament

  • Community Basketball Tournament

  • Greenspace Challenge

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