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IRS # 95-4682502

On behalf of the Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program, thank you for supporting the youth of our communities since 1985. Thousands of youth have gone through our programs and your gift ensures that thousands more can.

Ways to Give


All gifts are tax deductible. The Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3). IRS #95-4682502

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach us directly at (323)223-2509 or


PayPal / Credit Card:

We accept secure online donations via PayPal. Donations can be made by clicking on the "Donate" button above. Credit card donations do not require a PayPal account. When donating through PayPal, do consider making this a recurring donation.

Direct Support: 

Direct donations can by made by check, payable to Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program, and mailed to Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program, 2618 Workman St., Rm. 13, Los Angeles, CA, 90031.

United Way: 

If your work offers United Way support as a direct withdrawal from your paycheck, or through one time gifts, you can designate those funds to go to us, by filling out a designation slip with your HR, and including our name and address on it.

Matching Grants: 

Many companies will match your support of non-profits, potentially doubling a donation with a little paperwork. Check with your employee to see if this is an option. We are also able to receive support through Benevity.


Stock Transfers: 

You can transfer stocks to us via our brokerage accounts. It’s easy, and is all done electronically.


Small Gift, Big Impact

Because we are a small grassroots non-profit, the impact of every dollar has significant leverage. Here are some examples of how much reach a small gift can have.

  • $1000 pays for a month of books and school supplies for all programs

  • $800 can pay for a school bus for an entire day to take our kids on a life change experience

  • $300 will cover a year of expenses to provide tutoring to one child

  • $200 will cover a year of expenses for a single teenager in our youth programs



Help us meet our new GoFundMe goals of $34,000 for our 34th Anniversary, towards our Tutoring and Youth Club Programs.  Click on the button for the link.

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