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March Newsletter

Our JYC & YUCA members visited the UC Riverside campus. We visited the Rivera Library, Sproul Hall classrooms, Student Center, the HUB, and the lobby of the Dundee dorms. For this tour, we made reservations at the new Glascow Dining Restaurant. Our students had their fill of the delicious, All You can Eat, Saturday brunch. We ended the trip with a short questionnaire to see how much the students listened and learned during the UCR walking tour. Our youth benefited from seeing the campus In Person.

Our JYC & YUCA members also participated in the LA Marathon Water station volunteering. The morning started off with our volunteers setting up all the tables and thousands of the water & electrolyte cups. Once the race began the rush of 23,000 runners whizzed by our water station to get their quick fill to stay hydrated and to continue onward for the next 24.2 miles. We all had fun cheering on the runners, who were so appreciative for our volunteers’ efforts. After we cleaned up, we took our volunteers for a nice lunch at a restaurant, in Chinatown.

We helped with the prep work for two of our YUCA leaders, who are also part of the US Bank internship at Lincoln High School, to give a financial aid literacy presentation during our YUCA general meeting. It was a great way for them to practice giving presentations on an important topic of finances to their peers. It was a very informative presentation and our members learned about financial responsibility, with a time for Q & A, and prizes.

Meanwhile, our “Increase the Peace” Youth Advocacy Committee & Support Team leaders have been planning and preparing for their upcoming 13th Annual Volleyball tournament for the community. They are excited to be able to bring our local non profits, Rec. centers, and school clubs together for a day of friendly competition. We have our very own JYC & YUCA teams who will be participating in the tournament, and we’ve had several practices already to get ready to compete!!!

Upcoming Events will be our LHTP Kite Festival, JYC/YUCA/”IP” Leadership Nominations and Elections, UCLA College Tour, “Increase the Peace” GreenSpace Challenge, & LHTP GiveInMay Campaign Fundraiser, in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month.

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