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October Newsletter

Our tutors have been working hard with their students to help them complete their homework and to prepare them for their tests & quizzes. We hired a handful of new tutors for Fall session. Our return tutors are managing their classrooms like pros and our newest staff members have all passed their probationary period. It’s important to be able to provide jobs for our high school students to learn workforce skills. Our staff, students, and parents had a great time at our Golf ‘N Stuff field trip. We would like to thank, Jane and Liz, for coordinating for LHTP presentation by Zoom during the ACCSC Women's retreat and for the donation from their auction fundraiser!!

Our JYC & YUCA members are heading into their busiest season for community service, social, college tours, and advocacy events. YUCA members had their annual Beach Clean up & Mixer. It’s one of the most memorable events for our youth club members. We had a day full of fun relay games, obstacle course, and free time. Members enjoyed burgers, chips & drinks, and dipping their feet into the ocean. We had one brave student who went swimming. Lastly, there was a clean up contest for the most volume and the heaviest trash collected. Our “Increase the Peace” Committee & Support Team will be hosting their 16th annual Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Clean up, in November. “IP” leaders look forward to bringing our community agencies, schools, churches, and our local businesses together.

Upcoming will be the Giving Tuesday Campaign on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2023 for LHTP!!

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