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Support #GiveInMay

During the month of May, the Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program (LHTP) is participating in Give In May, a national campaign to support organizations serving the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community during AAPI Heritage Month. Supporting AAPI is important to LHTP a minority group amongst the minority Latino and AAPI population we serve in Lincoln Heights. We help develop leaders from all backgrounds in our community and our young women make up over 70% of our leadership roles.

LHTP, JYC, & YUCA have become clubs where our AAPI youth have a voice in their community and has been a bridge for the diverse heritage of our community. In some Asian cultures, elders encourage youth to be “seen but not heard." While our youth may follow this mantra out of respect for their elders, at LHTP we push our youth to be leaders that challenge the status quo and take actions that make a difference. At LHTP, our kids learn to speak up, express their opinions, share their ideas, and learn that it’s okay to have different perspectives. Given the right resources, youth can make a difference and can bring about positive changes in their community.

We hope you choose to support LHTP this year in the #GiveInMay campaign. Donating through not only directly supports our mission of lifting our community through youth empowerment, but also raises awareness of our programs and gives us a chance to be a winner in this year’s Give In May challenge. We can’t do this without you. Not only do we need your support, we also need your help to spread the word. Please tell your friends and family why you believe in our work and encourage them to support us too.

Click HERE to make your donation today. Thank you for helping the AAPI community!

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