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  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

More important than ever before

The ongoing pandemic makes our mission to support the underserved children of our community more important than ever before. Technology and computer fluency gaps are creating wider opportunity gaps and greater risks of falling behind.

Our effort to digitize our core programs includes continuing to deliver free and effective tutoring services to the community. We are a month into our summer program with 8 tutors providing tutoring virtually to children from our facilities. We provide a safe space for tutors to work in individual rooms following CDC guidelines.

The most obvious challenge for many families is the limited household technology to support remote education. Many of our children are working on outdated computers, shared computers, or even phones. Even in households with technology available, limited adult computer fluency makes setup and troubleshooting even more difficult.

Like all organizations, this has been a learning process for us as well. As an organization that hires teens from our community, no one understands the challenges of the families better than our tutors. With support of our tutors, we have learned to work with these challenges to best serve the community. We are proud of what our team of tutors has been able to do for the program this summer.

Like most non-profit organizations, this has been a challenging year to raise funding. Meanwhile we've made investments in technology to continue delivering on our mission. To help us continue to deliver quality support to the underserved, please consider making a donation to LHTP today.

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