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LHTP February Newsletter

LHTP has seen an influx of referrals from our local schools for students who have been struggling with their academics. We've been able to enroll the students immediately and get them the assistance they need. There have been a variety of ways our students have shown progress in a matter of months of attending LHTP’s hybrid tutoring sessions. We’ve had students who were failing some of their classes be able to finish and turn in missing assignments, some are bringing up their grades, other students are learning to read, we have a PPK student learning the English language to prepare to enter into school, and all of our students are learning to have better study habits and routines. LHTP is working hard to help parents identify areas of concern and find the solutions to fill in the areas of decline, voids, and gaps for their children to ensure academic success for all of the students we serve.

This month, we celebrated the Lunar New Year - “Year of the Tiger” with food and fun with our JYC & YUCA youth club members, who have been meeting on a regular basis after school in the hybrid format. A small group of our members helped to volunteer for the Firecracker Goodie Bag Assembly day to prepare for the Virtual Race.

Upcoming events for our members will be the LA Marathon volunteering and our Leadership Team Processing and Elections for the next school year. Also, we have a career workshop scheduled, in March. Along, with many of our seniors anxiously awaiting to hear news of acceptances from the colleges and universities.

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