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  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

We are saddened with the cruelty and inhumanity displayed to George Floyd by law enforcement, and our heart and prayers go out to his family.

We are reminded that the society we live in is not equal, and change needs to happen. We are reminded that the words “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” do not ring true today. We are reminded that this was the same police brutality we dealt with and had to protect our teens from, in the founding of LHTP 35 years ago; and it is incomprehensible that in all these years, this continues to occur.

LHTP stands by #blacklivesmatter and those who fight for a more just nation. We hope that you stay safe, you protect one another, and you always remember our community is stronger together.

  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

We are proud to share that our youth leaders decided to use part of their meeting budget during this time to purchase food from local businesses to support COVID-19 community relief grab and go food distribution centers and food for the homeless programs.

We are happy to help however we can and are proud of of youth leaders. Our community needs each other more than ever.

  • Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program

A shout out and thank you to our youth leaders in YUCA, JYC, and Increase the Peace as LHTP continues to increase our virtual presence. We had our first ever virtual cabinet election with highest turnout ever. We now run all our cabinet meetings virtually. We are planning a few virtual activities for both our kids and our community, so keep an eye open.

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